Monday, 29 February 2016

From bad to worse...

ASDA have officially lost the sofa, they won't make me another and I now have to order from somewhere else and wait another few months for an item I've already waited 10 weeks for. Not impressed. Do they even give a toss? No, they couldn't care less.

Then my neighbour rang, a delivery lorry had reversed into my garden wall. It must have jumped at him, it's only been sat there quietly for 150+ years. It's all got to come down and be rebuilt and it's shunted the pig sty too, leaving cracks in the walls, so that'll have to be done too. Somehow he also managed to ding the roof metal sheeting, so it's not lying flat anymore, so that'll need doing. The company say they'll pay if it's a small amount and their insurance will pay if it's larger but we've got to get quotes, more bloody hassle.

Shit day all round and it's always us!


  1. oh crap - crap - crap! and then some more crap! i am so sorry that you are going through all of this hassle! i know that it feels like everything is just crappy, but you guys have the spirit and the "i can do" attitude to get through all of this! and remember, a couple of years from now you'll be able to look back and laugh at the insanity of it all and have great stories to tell the kids.

    trust me - i know about these kinds of problems. and they will eventually iron themselves out - but that DOES NOT mean that they aren't all kinds of pain in the butt when experiencing them!

    sending much love to you all! your friend,

    1. p.s. - mentioned you in a post today - hope you don't mind! xo

  2. Oh what a shame that old wall got knocked down....when we were having building work done one of the builders knocked down one of the tall brick pillars which support the gates in the courtyard , which must have been original to the house. I was not amused.
    Hope you get decent quotes for the work, and hope you get that sofa sorted out soon.

  3. So sorry to hear and see pictures of the lovely old wall :( and to hear about the sofa too, very poor customer service from Asda! I hope things get better xx

  4. When things go wrong they go wrong, sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it, we had a bad start to the year I hope things start to run smoothly for you now.

  5. Get onto BBC 'Watchdog' and get your Sofa!
    Hope today and onwards is not crap! hugs xxx