Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Plodding on with the jobs

Sorry I haven't got any photos of this weeks work yet. Most of it is done via flood light so it's no good for pictures. This weekend we had a few birthday celebrations to go to which were lots of fun, so we haven't gone too mad around the house. 

We had some lino delivered on Thursday for the cabin and in true style something went wrong. I opened it up and thought, 'Hmm not sure if I like the colour, it wasn't how I imagined it' Guess why? They'd not sent what I ordered. I got onto them but they couldn't deliver over the weekend, the earliest they could do was Monday. That cocked up the weekend plans of getting the bathroom completed. We arranged for them to leave it in the old pig sty and to take back the wrong lino. James returns Monday night from work and they'd left a sorry we missed you card. Bloody idiots. Another call and they apologised but they couldn't send it the next day and they promised to send it Wednesday. Let's see if the driver reads his delivery information tomorrow as we're both at work so they've got to leave it unsigned for.

In the evenings we made up some off the shelf kitchen units that we managed to get not only on sale but from a shop where a friend works. He got us 20% discount on top! yay my favourite thing, a bargain. It was nice to spend a few evenings in front of the fire working rather than outside in the cold and dark.

The shower isolator switch was put up by James. He broke three back boxes in the process and was a broken man by the end, but as always he's done a tidy job.

The last two evenings we laid some carpet in the main room and started putting the kitchen units along the back wall. It looks amazing, by far the nicest part of our house now ;-)

We have managed to watch a few episodes of some series we had recorded, Klondike and Texas Rising. I love stories of people on the frontiers of civilisation, sometimes I wish I was back in the settling times. I know for sure I have a far too romantic notion of it though.

Have a lovely week all, tomorrow is Wednesday so it's all downhill from there x


  1. I wish for those times as well kirsty, but only with our medical care and broadband!

    1. and lots of books for all the lack of technology!

  2. Keep on plugging away at it. Even with all the frustrations you are really knocking the work out.

    We have snow and very low temperatures here right now. If it will just warm up a little, I have a days work outside. This bad weather has knocked down a lot of trees and I have some other clean up work to do.

    1. I hope you get to do the clear up in relative warm weather!