Friday, 29 January 2016

Cadbury's World and cabin finishing touches

James took Thursday and Friday off this week to keep me company for my weeks holiday to do some reading for my new job. 

We've done a lot of work recently so we wanted to spend some time with the children having fun, so we had an afternoon out yesterday to Cadbury's world. We got plenty of free chocolate and they have a few short films, a 3D cinema, a turn of the century street recreation, interactive games, a little ride and a walk around the factory. They also had a big play park which the kids loved. We did a few jobs in the morning, had some lunch then set off. We said in the car that it was time for 'regimented fun time!' 

This week on the cabin we fitted the toilet, sink and made the frame for the shower. Some of the blogs I read said that you shouldn't fix anything to the walls over multiple logs. When the cabin gets damp the wood can swell and when the weather's dry the logs can shrink, fixing it in place can lead to problems. We made a wooden frame and attached plaster board to the front face. We then used grip adhesive to put a waterproof PVC board onto the plasterboard. After the adhesive had dried James made and fitted the shower cubicle.

This afternoon we fitted the final carpet and did some clean up. I took all of the film off the shower and kitchen and James let me put up some pictures and a mirror! I was like a kid at Christmas. Just a few finishing jobs on the internals and then it will need connecting to the water, sewer and electric.

This evening for tea we had one of the boys we dispatched the other night. The meal was pretty boring and neither the picture or recipe would pass muster on a food blog, but it was a first for us to grow and eat our own meat.


  1. You are getting ever closer to where you want to be, congratulation on your meal, bet it tasted good.

  2. Kirsty, this is a big step forward to be able to eat your own meat, so well done. Love the cabin, it looks really homely already.

    1. Thanks Vera, we appreciate your encouragement x

  3. I think your place looks great. All the more so since you did the work yourselves. That adds a lot to a home in my opinion.

    Cadbury world sounds pretty nice. I would make a dint in their stores of free chocolate if I went there, that's a fact.

    That supper looked good to me. I prefer plain, tasty meals to something that makes a beautiful display but isn't yummy!