Sunday, 31 January 2016

Having a sort out of the kids clothes

I've been meaning to get this job done for ages, but you know how it is, there are always better things to do. Today we were off out at midday and so James did some outside work, but as it was raining I stayed inside with the kids. 

After the usual jobs of emptying the dishwasher (constant) and cleaning the kitchen sides (also constant) I was at a loose end for an hour or so. I knew I had to go into the garage and get some of the little mans old baby clothes out for a friend. Baby girl is 18 months old now and she's moving up into the next sized clothes. I had cleared the small ones out of her drawers a few weeks back but never had chance to sort them.

When the wee man was born we met lots of friends who were having babies at the same time through the NCT and various groups I used to take us along to. None of my friends or family had had a baby before me and all my new friends were all having kids at the same time. That meant we all had to buy new clothes and toys and the various baby things that we're all convinced we need. I'm not making this an anti-capitalist rant, I LOVED buying new things for my little boy. It did however mean that when baby number two was born we had a whole network of friends who had inevitably already had girls before us. I have literally had bin bags full of clothes for baby girl. It's saved me a fortune and saved the planet too.

Anyway, I digress, all these clothes have been used and grown out of and now I had to sort them into who gave them to me. Considering I must have had a hundred outfits I've done fairly well remembering who gave me what. It's always a sad time to put the clothes aside knowing the kids are too big for them and that time of their lives has passed.
A whole box of our baby toys, bouncers and playmats was also boxed up for the garage. That'll stay for a while, I'm not quite ready to let them go yet. 


  1. Thanks again for all the clothes! Your going to be seeing Alistair wearing lots fo your little mans outfits for a long while yet!

  2. It's good that you have people who can use the clothes you are getting rid of. going through and getting rid of stuff is something I am not good at doing. I'm going to work on it.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Over here we take things like furniture, clothing, kitchen stuff, anything useful to Good Will or the Salvation Army if we don't know anyone who can use them. My wife does it to help people and I do it for the tax deduction.

    My wife still has some of my kid's thing's like toys and baby shoes. Those I don't put in the truck to give away. Not if I value my life.

  4. what a special time this for you and your family! little baby is growing up and moving on to new things in her life! i love the idea of sharing baby clothes and toys among friends - if i had ever had a baby back in the city - i would have been ambushed with 2,000lbs of baby clothes from co-workers - bahahahah! alas, it was not in the cards for us but i really enjoy reading other people's blogs (like yours) and all of your experiences in raising children. you sure have a cute bunch! congrats to you and hubby!

    sending much love! your friend,

  5. holy moly! i just realized that i don't have you listed in our blogroll - i will take care of that pronto!

  6. I always do like doing the every so often grabbing things we don't need or use and taking to thrift stores. It's always good to de-clutter.

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