Thursday, 29 October 2015

I've been on a girls weekend

This weekend I had my first nights away from the children! I went away to Crete in Greece for a weekend with a fellow pharmacist friend of mine. After over four years of children without ever having spent a night away from them it was a big adjustment. It was great to see my friend, she lives up north so we don't see each other often enough and the catch up was fab. Weather was very mixed but still much warmer than home. Now it wasn't the sort of holiday that James and I usually take, it was a lot of time relaxing. That forced me to slow down, so I feel refreshed upon return.

My friend takes selfies, which I don't do but it means you can see that I actually went on holiday, there's photo evidence!

Now at the end of last week I had the door hung for wee man's room by Kev. He's done an excellent job. The only thing I'm missing is a handle as we've changed our mind as to what we wanted and it wasn't on sight for him to fit but I'll order one this weekend. I also need to buy some oil to protect the wood from grubby little hands.

On Sunday whilst I was galavanting in Crete, James' dad and sister came and did almost a whole coat of paint on the outside of the cabin. This week I've finished the first exterior coat and almost finished the layer of wood protectant inside. When the rain stops I'll do the last exterior coat. I'll also get a photo in the next few days so you can see how we're getting on, the pressure keeps me working ;-)


  1. Glad that you had a break with your both look very happy and relaxed. Looking forward to seeing those cabin photos.

  2. Crete! What a beautiful place, did you go to Knossos? In 1985, when we were getting ready to leave Italy and transfer back home, I took my wife to Crete and to Greece. We went on military transport aircraft, and unfortunately the leg from Crete to Athens was on a C-130 . No seats, just red webbing along the aircraft cargo bay sides. No heat. My wife was about five months pregnant then. The aircrew made her a bed out of webbing, and they all covered her up with their flight jackets. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the Air Force since that day, because they were so kind to her.

    You and your friend look like English girls out on a lark. Did you go to the Greek beaches? I liked those! But my wife didn't like them so much. If you have been to one you know why. ;-)

    Your place is coming along great. Between your husband and Kev I imagine there's nothing you want they can't do to make the homestead just what you want it to be.