Friday, 9 October 2015

Cabin colour choices

Today the rest of the bits for the cabin came, luckily for them. I had lost all patience with them and gave them a hard time over the phone on Monday. They didn't help themselves by not responding to my email or answering the phone. Anyway, saga over... hopefully. 

I ordered some paint chips from Dulux online to give us an idea of what colour to paint the cabin. I took a photo to show you. I like the blue/greys and greens best. I don't want it to look like a beach hut, just to blend in with the sky or the land. The top photo is in direct light and the second was taken later in the afternoon once the colours were in shade. I like the second row down, the middle and right colours the best. 

I've had a few days on my own this week as James went away to Milan with work. It was hard work trying to get the kids to the various places they go whilst I'm at work. Luckily my mum was a big help as I don't get home until between 7.00 and 8.30pm. She brought the kids home in the evening, fed them and got them to bed. I got in just in time for a kiss, cuddle and story. It makes me appreciate how much hard work being a single mum must be. Raising kids and keeping a house really is teamwork when you both work. Suffice to say I missed James loads! Here's a few pictures he took when on his downtime. It looks lovely, I was green with envy.

This weekend we'll start constructing the cabin if we can. The weather has been beautiful for October and it'd be great to get it built so we can paint it and protect it from the elements.


  1. I hope the weather holds for you to get the cabin done, looking forward to seeing a beach hut in your garden :-)

  2. Hope the weather keeps good for your cabin build.....I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like when done!