Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Little man's room day 4 - Illness strikes

We had another productive day here. We managed to get the stud frame for the third and final wall put together and then we attached all of the frames to the wall. We also sprayed all of the old exposed timbers with woodworm treatment. James made up some mortar and put back a few stones that had fallen from the wall when we exposed them. Lastly I got the side wall frame filled with insulation.

My mum lives on a housing estate in Worcester and like most towns all the green spaces are being filled with houses. She used to have a play park behind her house and a car park with garages in front. It's all council land and they have packed houses, flats and bungalows into the land like sardines in a tin. Anyway, my mum asked the site foreman for their offcuts of insulation that were going in the tip. They're not large but when you're filling 400mm gaps between battens it doesn't matter. So thanks mum!

We may have to slow down a bit though, little man was miserable yesterday and didn't eat. Today a spot appeared, followed by a few more and now they're angry and itchy...chicken pox strikes. We'll have to make some more time to fuss after him, he's been a super start letting us get on this week so far.


  1. Not chicken pox! Looks like you've made loads of progress and the insulation is at the right price! Dad bought me a pallet of the stuff in small sections for £5 the other day for a shed I'm building, every saving helps. Hope your little man is alright.

  2. Your mum is really clever, nice to stop things going to waste. Hope your lad is not too bad today, and it's not too hot for him.