Saturday, 20 June 2015

Bedroom gets plastered

No all night vodka session for the bedroom I'm afraid, but it has had a nice coat of plaster courtesy of James. He's been doing a different wall each night and spent one night modifying the pipes for the radiator. The benefit of the increased wall thickness has meant that our heating pipes will now be hidden behind the skirting, yay. I hate pipes running down the wall surfaces if it can be helped. There's just the fourth, internal wall to be done now. the plan had been to leave it be, but as we've got our planning approval we are considering putting the  new stud wall up. 

Plastered. Pipework on left running along the channel formed by the stud work.

Doorway on left and cupboard on right

Cupboard that will eventually become the entrance to the room

As you look at the wall the entrance is on the left and the toy cupboard is on the right. In the new configuration the entrance will be on the right and a new cupboard formed on the left. We're thinking about taking the old stud work down and putting some sound insulation in between. At the moment it's just hollow and sounds carry easily throughout the whole house, with all the internal stud work being the same. We'll decide what door size we want eventually and put the frames in now, although we don't plan on putting any nice doors in before all of the dirty construction work is finished in a few years time. 

Next job is to fill in the wall in front of one of the windows. It was a hole under the window where we kept books. We're filling it in as the radiator will eventually be on this wall.

Once we've put a new wall up James can plaster the remaining fourth wall and one room will be complete. Well almost complete apart from windows, windowsills, the fireplace needs stripping and skirting... etc but close as damn it.

When the boys were cleaning up together, my little excited man ran in saying he'd found a ring.

Turns out it was an olive left over from James doing the pipework.

One more thing, baby girl has now come out in chicken pox so we'll all be immune soon enough and I hope to never have to worry about chicken pox again.


  1. I admire the way you can do all that work for yourselves. Not only do you save money but you aren't dependent on anyone else for the work or for future maintenance.

    1. You're right, the more you do yourselves the less beholden you are to others. The more dealings I have with workmen, the more grateful I am that we can do it ourselves.