Sunday, 7 June 2015

Little man's bedroom overhaul day 1 & 2

We decided that it's time to start work on the wee man's room so that it's insulated in time for winter. James has this coming week off work so we can get as much done as possible in one go. Little man is in our room with us and as I'm still getting up to feed baby girl in the night we want to keep the disturbance as short as possible.
We started work yesterday and here are a few pictures of the room first thing in the morning.

We got the last bits into boxes and moved the furniture then waited for baby girl to have her nap. We drained the radiator and took it off the wall and took down the curtain poles. Next step was to get out the hammer and chisel and knock seven shades of hell out of the walls. We used an SDS drill with chisel attachment and good old fashioned elbow grease. We worked along the walls until they were bare and then tidied up. But boy doesn't the tidying take longer than you think it will!
A local friend of mine had the little man for me for an hour and a half and baby girl had her nap just as I dropped him off so we got some solid time together doing demolition.

So here's the pics of the room at the end of the afternoon.

Today we took the fireplace out and put it somewhere safe to strip all the gloss off it at some later point. We cleared out all of the bricks and rubble out of the fireplace.

Fire removed but still of rubble

Fireplace cleaned out

Next step was to take the skirting boards off. Finally we took off all of the plaster around the windows, we can now see daylight around our crappy windows. Probably not a bad thing though as they have so much condensation in them the small gaps are the most we can see out!!

Skirting off

Plaster around the windows knocked out
Finally for today we have built stud work on the largest wall with vertical studs at 400mm intervals to put the plasterboard on later in the week.

Batens put up in the largest wall ready to fill with insulation

Tomorrow's job is to screw plasterboard to the ceiling and then screw the stud work onto the wall and start building the stud for the other two walls. I'll try and get a bit of time to let you know the progress in the next few days.

My favourite pictures though from today have to be the wee man getting involved. He just picked up the hammer and started posing. *No child labour went into the making of this post.


  1. Good job Kirsty!
    - "No child labour went intot he making of this post" - you forget that some of us know you!

    1. Ha you're right, he wouldn't wear a mask so he wasn't allowed in.