Saturday, 12 May 2018

A beautiful May wedding

Last weekend my sister married her wonderful fiance in the glorious May sunshine. The day was one of the first warm spells we've had this year; the atmosphere was relaxed and jovial. My two were page boy and flower girl and I was bridesmaid.

Stuart's family were lovely and I'm so pleased for Emma that she's got them all on side. Unlike our wedding there were no fights!

We got ready in the morning together over a bottle of fizzy wine. My sister was excited and happy. The kids were beautifully behaved. All went well. I cried during the ceremony (not like me, I'm not a public crier).

We sat in the terrace in the sun afterwards, drinking Pimm's and chatting. We were sat with my grandpa over the wedding breakfast and he told me stories of the war and his early life I've never heard; at 97 he seems to be softening! It is the first time he's really chatted to me, when I was younger my grandparents were very Victorian, 'children should be seen and not heard' type of thing. My mum was in her element bossing everyone around.

Congratulations Emma and Stuart, wishing you a long happy life together xxx


  1. Lovely wedding photos! For everyone....a day to remember.

  2. It looked to be a super wedding, but best of all what wonderful photo's you now have of your beautiful family. Memories don't get better than these.

  3. Who needs a wedding photographer when you can take stunning photos? They are a credit to you.

  4. Looks like a beautiful wedding and lovely pictures of the family. The last picture of your sister is stunning!

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