Sunday, 21 August 2016

Windows are in!

Windows are in and we love them! In true style the window manufacturers put vents where they shouldn't be and they'll have to replace 4 panes at the front of the house that have vents in. 
Building regs mean we need vents in one window per room and I had them put at the side of the house as I think they take away from the nice clean lines of the window. Plus the manufacturers forgot the vent covers on the vents that are supposed to be in. But for now it's water tight and the window fitter says as the frames are in it won't take long to replace the opening panes when they come. Just the bay roof and we'll be ready for winter weather. 

This evening we had a plum and blackberry crumble with the fruit the kids picked today, blackberry season is just starting and hopefully there will be loads more to come.

Baby girl has had her two year development check this week and we've got to try and work on her talking, she is pretty hard to understand but they all develop in their own time so I'm not worried just yet. The health visitor says she'll call me in three months to see how she's getting on.

We also stopped by at the garden centre with friends and the wee man asked to ride a pony. He actually asked to do it!! He's pretty apprehensive of anything new or out of his comfort zone and I was incredibly pleased that his confidence has grown and very proud of him.

Here's hoping for a great week for everyone.


  1. Weather proof - in time for winter :)

  2. Looks good and water tight for all of the bad weather we are having here at the moment.

    I didnt talk much until I started nursery and now if I know you, I am a chatterbox. I also wouldnt walk, because people carried me every where, (I obviously had it all sussed out). When I started nursery I just toddled off and started playing. My parents have it on Cine film. I sometimes think that these 'averages' and 'percentiles' everyone spouts, just make parents really worried. I am 5 foot tall, my cousins are 5'10. As an adult no one thinks anything of it.

  3. The windows look great, the house is looking beautiful! Plum and blackberry crumble sounds so tasty too! x