Monday, 29 August 2016

Insulation and plasterboard

This week I have been cutting insulation to go into the 'side bits' of the roof (technical term). Building regs states we need 12.5 cm depth so 10cm has gone between the rafters and 2.5cm over the top. Whilst I've been doing that in the evening James has been cutting plasterboard to put on the sections of wall where the radiators will go. 

He was busy in the extension this weekend and didn't it rain! The kids spent hours playing outside and they were soaked through. 

Today James dot and dabbed the cut plasterboard on ready to fit the radiators in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed we'll get the boiler fired up in the next month or so before the cold weather sets in. It's hard to believe how much thought has to go into doing things in the right order, there should be a guide on what to do when, it would save us  making some rookie errors.

Today I gathered some seed from the wildflower bed to fill in any gaps where they don't self seed next year and to grow in some more spots around the garden. Problem is I don't know what some of them are called so I've had to label them things like 'flowers with big heads' and 'long light purple flowers', I'll refer to my pictures when I come to sow them next year. 

Little man and I also gathered some damsons and raspberries, which have been ripening in bucket loads for the last few months, the freezer is getting full so a day of preserving is needed again, yay.



  1. I was the one that insulated this entire house. I did have help cutting, but I did the stapling and hanging. UGH UGH UGH! I hope I never have to do it again...yet I know I do. We still have two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. And we started on it last week...but then we got a tornado. And I thank God that our house did not get hit. I would have just thrown in the towel if it did. We were so fortunate. You're right...there are so many things that have to go in such order that it's amazing. And the decisions....where does this light switch go, how do you want this door to swing, where should this outlet be...and on and on. Oh my dear I get it!

    Cindy Bee

  2. Its getting exciting over at your place, love it that you are both doing as much as possible on the build, we didnt get rain over the week end looking forward to see what your preserving :-)

  3. Nice to see the speed at which your place is getting done.....and lovely pics of your damp but happy children!

  4. I've been very impressed with what you and your husband have done. You may make a few errors, but there are not many couples who could do all that work, and maintain a positive attitude through all of it. You all get high marks in my opinion.