Wednesday, 2 December 2015

We're home safe and the saga of the phone line continues

Firstly we're back safe and sound from Bruges, it was magical and the Christmas markets were so much fun. The ferry wasn't too bad on the way out, but on the way back it was gale force 9 and the journey was pretty unpleasant. I've got to sort out some photos to show you all, it's a picturesque place, even on a dull winters day. Once I  get back my internet I'll find them out. I've borrowed some internet again but can't get to my photos unfortunately.

The saga of having no phone line continues. After waiting three weeks for an engineer he turned up and said he couldn't climb the pole as it had ivy on, nor use the cherry picker as it'd have to go on grass. He closed the call and suggested we cut it ourselves. Arghhh! I called BT again and after waiting 45 minutes and getting through to India, I played my face and got through to the UK. They apologised re--booked me an engineer for next week and said he should have called the power company to cut the ivy. However there was nothing they could do and we have to wait a week for him to come back then call the power company to cut the ivy, then re-book him to do the work! Honestly! I lost my cool with them and told them what I thought of their service. After 3 hours on the phone, I gave up, called western power distribution and they were at the house in less than an hour and within half an hour had pulled all the ivy, amazing service. They were horrified BT had suggested we climb a live power pole and do work ourselves. So next week when the lazy engineer arrives he has no excuse not to climb the pole and fix the line...hopefully.


  1. If we have telephone problems here I just call the phone company and they come fix it. It's pretty rough and ready but they get to me when they can. Usually if my phone is out there's been a big storm and they work in town and out by the lake first, where the heaviest population density is.

    I was on an LST in the North Sea in the winter of 1977. Worst weather I have ever seen and LST's are flat bottomed so they roll like a bottle in heavy seas. We took the ferry from Calais to Dover and back several times when we lived in Italy, before the tunnel was built. Never worried about it but then there was that terrible disaster where the Estonian ferry sank in heavy weather! Wouldn't take one again, I don't imagine.

  2. How frustrating for you, and I hope the line gets fixed soon.....

  3. I couldnt have kept my cool I do hope it all gets sorted bloody dam quick for you :-)