Sunday, 13 December 2015

Buddy the elf is down from the North Pole, how exciting!

Would you believe it? Buddy the Elf has come to visit the kids all the way from the North Pole. He's been visiting for the past three years, but it is only this year that the little man has finally understood and really gotten into the spirit and excitement of the season. 

I'm sure by now most of you have heard about Elf on the shelf and how he visits at the start of advent with a book explaining him and every night flies to the North Pole to tell Santa if the children have been naughty or nice. It is very important not to touch him or his magic might go and on Christmas eve he goes back to the pole with Father Christmas until the following year. 

He gets up to all sorts of mischief and this year he brought a new surprise, his very own elf door to come and go through!

We have had one or two occasions where baby girl has touched him and the wee man has gone absolutely spare, distraught that his magic will go. We have explained that as baby girl doesn't understand, Buddy's magic won't be affected.

The Christmas decorations are also up and the magic is building, it's brought James and I no end of joy to witness the magic through wee man's eyes.

Our tree isn't themed, we have bought decorations from all the places we have been on holiday since we got together, as well as a few every Christmas that we like. It makes every year special when we decorate the tree as we spend hours reminiscing  saying 'Do you remember when we got this?' It's a tradition that I hope the kids will keep up. I'll post a few pictures of my favourite ones soon.


  1. Tiny Peppermint Buddy arrived at y daughters house with his own door as well and he has been getting up to lots of mischief, he started by wrapping there breakfast dishes and cereal in christmas paper getting himself all stuck to the cupboard with selotape, he made cookies and did snow angels in the flour, one morning they found he had been having a party with the sindy dolls, its all been good fun and the little ones have loved it, I think the grown ups have been secretly enjoying it as well :-)

  2. Our tree is never themed it's a family history, places we have been, memories made. But I never use tinsel I just can't stand it, so loads of beads on our tree.

  3. Lovely traditions to pass on to your children!
    The storage box which held all our Christmas lights and decorations became water logged in our first year here when a hurricane hit us so have been taking a holiday from Christmas ever since, but then we do not have any children to captivate with the magic of Christmas, but when my three were young, and even up to the time when they left home to go to their universities, I kept the magic going for them and maintained that Father Christmas did really, really, exist!

  4. I know I'd get carried away with buddy the elf and he'd end up in some none PG situations so best we don;t get one here!

  5. I heard Buddy the Elf is actually an MI-5 mole and he reports on everybody to them! I expect he's already squealed on you about visiting my blog and you are on their watch list. I'm certain the Elves here work for either the National Security Agency or the Central Intelligence Agency. ;-)

    I liked your tree. We don't have one because no kids are at home anymore, and because my ferrets like to climb up into the top of the tree and bring the whole thing crashing down in ruin late at night.