Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Our extension plans

I have managed to get our plans scanned and uploaded so here's the update as to where they are at the moment with our planning consultant. We had a few ideas on things that would work better for us and things that we thought weren't necessary so we've emailed for them to take a look. It is such a big move round from what we've got but we've tried everything else to get it passed and as I say our new consultant seems to think these will pass. 

It involves taking down all of the existing extensions which were built in concrete block and never rendered (as I would imagine the original plan was). There is a large double storey side extension, small single story front extensions and a single storey rear extension. They are crumbling from exposure to the weather for many years and didn't have the same foundations as would be expected now. Overall not a great loss, but certainly more expense and time.

The stairs would need to be turned around and the hallway upstairs would be on the other side of the house. Current room plan is not on the before plans but suffice to say that we don't have a a bathroom upstairs at the moment. Also downstairs after, none of the rooms are where they are at the moment.

It may be a bit clearer if you think that everything shaded pink has to be removed.

So there it is, our grand master plan, who knows what will happen?!


  1. exciting times it brings back fond memories of all the extension work we did at the last house, we have moved to downsize so nothing as ambitious this time for us, look forward t seeing your plans come to fruition :-)

  2. Looks like a big change coming! A lot of work in all that but it'll be a great home when you're finished!

  3. We built our bungalow and we regret not putting windows in gables..? Building is a nightmare but it's worth it in the end - good luck with your plans!

  4. Hi Kirsty, I just found your blog through Kev's blog. We are doing the same thing with our house, it's so interesting and fun to get ideas from other people.

  5. We can only keep every thing crossed for you, what hopes and dreams you must have.