Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Elderflower liquor, dreaming of summer...

I'll start this post by saying that neither me nor my husband are big drinkers. I will say though that after I delivered my baby girl in August I really wanted to have a drink after all the prohibition. A few days after she was born we made a trip to a craft centre come garden centre come local produce shop. They stock a local range of vodka made by the chase company which uses Herefordshire grown spuds to make vodka. I like to shop locally where possible and this shop lets you try samples (yippee). 

I love elderflower cordial and last summer made masses of cordial. I didn't want to consume all of the kilos of sugar that the recipe requires all at once so I froze some of the cordial for later.

Now I'm probably like lots of people, I save stuff I like for a rainy day and well it never gets eaten or used.

Long story short I bought a bottle of elderflower vodka and loved it. I mean I drank the bottle in a few months rather than the years that spirits generally sit in my cupboard. When it was done I thought 'I'll have a go at making that!'
So I actually did it with some of my rainy day cordial.

This recipe isn't very seasonal as obviously the elderflowers aren't out yet but believe me when they are I'll be in the hedgerows on the common stripping them bare  (actually saving some to go to elderberries for wine and the local birds, but that doesn't do my passion for elderflowers justice!)

You literally mix an equal amount of the cordial you make with vodka and it tastes just the same, really identical to the shop bought, result! So if you have any squirrelled away make some and if not then dream of the days of summer when you can get cracking.

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