Sunday, 1 October 2017

Trip to the big smoke and Legoland

We have been at the collecting tokens game again and this time got some free tickets to Legoland, Windsor. The little man is obsessed with anything Lego and particularly keen on Lego Ninjago at the moment (weird that, with all the advertising for the new movie coming out!). As we had to drive all the way there we decided to book a Premier Inn the night before and make a weekend of it.

We took the train from Slough into London and took the kids round the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. I have never been to either as I never went to London as a child and have only been two or three times as an adult, and more to the point I really wanted to go!! 

There were awesome fossils in the Natural history museum and some amazing exhibits at the science museum including the Apollo 10 command module, George Stephenson's Rocket and Wells cathedral clock (oldest working clock from 1386) and a euthanasia machine (I have a morbid fascination).

We also wondered round Hamley's (the huge toy shop) but to be honest that was like a small slice of hell on earth. You have never seen so many people being vile in a confined (overpriced) space. Kids thought it was amazing though, so I suppose that's the point, it's not really aimed at me is it?

As you can guess we totally ran out of time to look round the city so we'll have to make an effort to go back. We walked past the Liberty's building which looks so beautiful, I will make a beeline for it next time.

We took plenty of food for packed lunches to cut costs and had a huge cooked breakfast (wee man calls them roast breakfasts!) to fill us up on Sunday morning and had a fantastic time both days.

Legoland was relatively busy so there was quite a bit of queueing, but nothing too onerous. We had two tired teddies on the drive home.


  1. Great photographs. The clock is amazing.

  2. I used to go to the Imperial War Museum, the British Museum, The Royal Army Museum and the RAF Museum at Hendon whenever I was in England. Went there at least once a year, every year, for a conference at the American Embassy (Fleet Marine Forces Europe Seminar), and my wife and I made several trips up to London just for fun. She would go shopping and I would go to the museums.

    Your kids would enjoy those military museums when they get a little older, at least, your son would I think.

    You're doing a great job with finding enriching experiences for your children. Those trips will help make them well rounded adults.