Saturday, 1 October 2016

We have grass!!

This photo is nearly a week old and it's even better now, but the point is... the grass seed has actually sprouted. I am so thankful, I will not have to spend another weekend with the rake, the roller and a spade (and subsequent blisters).

I've had a pretty uneventful week, James has continued to plasterboard the upstairs extension. 

I managed to get the rock wool insulation in the loft space on Thursday night. First it was rolled between the joists and then on top at a 90 degree angle. We thought that the hardest part would be putting the insulation between the joists but the final layer was way harder to do. It's hard to roll it out and not go through the ceiling once you can't see the joists and not back yourself into a corner. Plus the face mask to protect your lungs from the fibreglass makes it unbearably hot and did I mention itchy?! Fibreglass is the devils material, looks soft but hurts like hell. Anyway once the heating is up and running it should be toasty warm in there.


  1. Nice to see that your grass has sprouted quickly, and good job with getting the loft insulated. Hope the itching from the fibreglass has gone away!

  2. Hear a story once of a builder wiping his bum with it and ending up in hospital...

  3. I share your dislike of fiberglass. That stuff will eat you alive. My wife and I struggled for two years trying to get grass to grow on the bare hillside where we bulldozed our meadow out of the forest. We would seed, cover it with straw, and nothing would come up. Finally we tried some dark fescu and it grew ok. If it hadn't, the whole hillside would eventually have washed away!

  4. rockwool and glasswool are worst materials to work with, like you say it looks so soft but its is the spawn of hell. at least you only have to install it once though I suppose.

    They do a Thermafleece insulation now made from sheeps wool that doesn't come with the itching nightmare of traditional installations

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