Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Patiently waiting

Tomorrow marks three weeks since Blossom has been sitting on her eggs. She has been totally devoted to the cause and only gets ups once a day for a quick stretch of her legs and some food and water. I've made sure she has both within reaching distance of her nest just be be sure she keeps up her energy and made sure I chucked her out in the evening for an extra feed. I really hope that all her diligence brings reward and she get's her babies. I did have a try candling the eggs on day 14, the two brown eggs were empty and I couldn't see anything through the blue eggs, even with a 60watt bulb lighting my home made candler (cereal box with a hole punched through). If there are no chicks by Saturday I think it's safe to assume none are coming, I may even see if I can find some for her to look after, is that too soft? I'm not sure if she'd even accept them, may have to google that!

I've been to work on Monday and Tuesday this week, got really manic again and I remember why I hate my job. I told the girls, 'look I'm taking 20 minutes for lunch, only disturb me if it's an emergency'. What happened? I had literally taken my first bite of sandwich when I had a guy on the phone telling me in graphic detail about his piles. If there's one thing that I would change it's the no breaks thing. When you spend between 9 and 12 hours on your feet without a chair in sight you could really use half an hours lunch break. My profession? the worst job in healthcare, pharmacist. Rant over.

Tomorrow I am getting back to what I love, some of my best friends are bringing the kids over and I am teaching one of them how to jam. She wants to learn I and I love to jam so I was picking more shiny plums from the tree this evening ready for a day of fun. How I wish I could travel back in time and be a stay at home mum, making jam, gardening, looking after chooks; alas the bank wants the mortgage paid, miserable sods ;-)

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  1. Good luck with the jam making, and hope you do not make as much mess as I do when I am jamming!